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20 Years Caring About You


“ Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine.

Welcome to AL Jamal Medicine Store. JMS. This company profile presents you the distinctive features of AL Jamal Medicine Store (JMS).
It also gives some glimpses of the thriving pharma sector in the UAE, and how JMS’s expertise as a prominent distributing agent can help pharma brands set up a successful business in this country.

Who We Are

AL Jamal Medicine Store is a full-service pharma company in UAE. We’re the authorized distributor and marketer of several pharmaceutical products of leading brands across the world.

It was following 17 years of experience in the UAE’s pharma sector we founded JMS.
Having extensive experience and in-depth knowledge can help any venture succeed greatly.

It is even more significant in pharma business because the characteristics of this industry vary according to many cultural, social and economic factors.

Our team constitutes doctors, pharmacists and management experts who are experienced in the local medicinal arena. With the help of our extensive partnering network, we serve a portfolio of pharmaceutical products, food supplements, cosmetics, paramedical items, and medical equipment to a variety of health-related enterprises.

What We Do

From marketing and distribution to handling complex registration procedures at the relevant local health departments, we cover all the bases to make a brand popular among our customers—which includes hospitals, public and private medical entities, and pharmaceutical companies.

One of the main factors that stand us apart is our unique product selection process. Our experience and knowledge come in handy while deciding on the right items that have all the potential to make a difference in people’s well-being.

We adhere to a best-in-class quality assurance policy in sourcing, storing and distributing our products. We have advanced storage facilities which follow the standard storage practices laid down by the Ministry of Health.

Indeed, we’re committed to delivering the best of what modern pharma industry has to offer.

"Health is the most important thing you have in life!"

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