CEO’s Message

As one of the founders of Medpharma, the first pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Sharjah, it was my longstanding ambition to create a full-fledged distributing and retail pharma network that can deliver advanced medicinal products and services in the UAE. JMS is the realization of that dream.

My experience as a local medical practitioner and the industry knowledge I’ve acquired over the years gave me the confidence to pursue this goal.

Also, obtaining a crew that shares the same spirit and invaluable pharma experience is what propels JMS to new heights. We’ve collaborated with many exceptional pharma brands and helped them find a successful business realm in the UAE. We not only distribute the products of these brands but represent and promote them to generate high profit from this lucrative marketplace.

At this juncture, I’d like to acknowledge my debt to all well-wishers and brand associates on behalf of JMS. We couldn’t have brought this venture into reality without their enthusiastic support and guidance.

Thank You,